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I started GeekMundo in July of 2011 after I got tired of coming up with cool, geeky things I wanted to talk about but had nowhere to put them. I’d been writing off and on for my own sites and other sites for four years, but never had a chance to get my geek off my chest, so to speak.

Besides, there are tons of guys writing about the stuff, but not enough geekettes, so I figured I’d throw my cards in.

This last year has been an awesome experience. It’s not always easy. We’ve spent countless man hours improving the site, brainstorming, writing scripts, coming up with original content–something that you don’t come across often on geek blogs–and taking Geek Mundo to the next level. Our original content is what makes us different. We seriously live and breathe this stuff. Also, having my geek roots sprouted in Panama as a kid on Japanese anime cartoons like Dartanias (Daltanious) and Mazinger (to include Transformers and Astro Boy), I have a unique perspective.

Thanks for reading! You can reach me personally at [email protected] or on Twitter (@SeattleSlim).

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