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Video: Giant Boulders Smash 300 Year Old Barn to Smithereens

A centuries old barn in Tramin, Italy was reduced to rubble after a massive rockfall unleashed several giant boulders.

Welp!  I hope they have homeowner’s insurance.  All jokes aside a 300 year old barn was decimated after one hell of a rockfall sent a bunch of giant boulders barreling down a beautiful hillside in Tramin, Italy.  The destruction was captured on video via drone, and the breadth of the damage is awe-inspiring.  It wasn’t all bad luck, however.  The main section of the gorgeous Italian villa was spared, but only by a few inches or feet.  One of the giant rocks stopped just short of finishing the job.

Apparently no one was injured, but the cost of the damage is in the millions of dollars.

Your Doctor Might Be Touching You With Germy, Diarrhea-laden Hands

A new study by French scientists shows one in four doctors and health care workers are touching you… With their germy, poopy hands!

Germy hands replete with C. Difficile can lead to lots of pain

If you’re heading to your doctor  anytime soon, then you most likely will want to cower in the corner until you’ve seen your doctor or nurse wash their hands with soap and water.  A new study headed by Dr. Caroline Landelle at the Geneva University Hospitals and Med School in Switzerland, and published in the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology journal, shows that as many as one out of four doctors are touching you with hands contaminated by a nasty little bug called C. Difficile.  Read on, and beware, you might want to gag, like I did:

Jim Carrey  Gagging


The study was published recently in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), which recommends after caring for patients with C. difficile infections, health care professionals in routine care settings should clean their hands with alcohol-based rubs, and use soap and water in outbreak settings.

However, there is a view that many health care workers could be passing on C. difficile to patients, even after routine alcohol-based hand rubbing, pointing to a need for routine hand washing with soap and water after treating any infected patient, regardless the setting.

This new study, the first of its kind, supports this view, as Dr. Landelle explains:

“Because C. difficile spores are so resistant and persistent to disinfection, glove use is not an absolute barrier against the contamination of health care workers’ hands. Effective hand hygiene should be performed, even in non-outbreak settings.”

While older people are more susceptible, if you’re on a long term course of antibiotics, you could get it too.  I know I’ve seen doctors just pop on in and hit the hand sanitizer before getting to work when I’ve gone in.  That will not be happening anymore.

Colin Farrell is not impressed



The “Crazy” Jamaican CVS Lady is Back and We Might Be Jerks

The woman made famous in those “crazy” Jamaican CVS lady videos that went viral is back, and we may all be a bunch of assholes.

You might recall the infamous viral video featuring the “crazy” Jamaican CVS patron who ranted about the devil to a forlorn store employee who was trying to escort her out of the store.  We all laughed.  Hell, I felt sorry for her, but I laughed my ass off.   Now in the latest video, she seems to indicate that her children passed away some five months ago.

Disregarding the mega asshole who’s filming her and making fun of her (way to be a douchebag, son!), at the 1:42 mark, the woman says, “All my children is in heaven five months now”, and then says, “Five months now my children (gone down?)”. I can understand her for the most part(Caribbean fam stand up!!! That’s how I talk to my family at home!), but the audio is really shitty and I can’t quite make out that last quote.

Douchebag tells her we all die, and shares that his grandmother passed a month ago (sorry, bro), so it seems to corroborate what she’s saying. All I know is I get an intensely shitty feeling from this video, and it sheds a light on the fact that sometimes viral videos have very real people behind them with very really issues. This is providing that she’s telling the truth. In the end it doesn’t matter. If she’s not hurting anybody, let her get the Holy Ghost wherever she wants to. Needs $50K to Bring Potheads Together

The couple that smokes together, stays together, right? aims to bring weed aficionados together, but first it needs your financial help.

420LoveMatch - a site for potheads and medical marijuana lovers


Weed non-smokers just don’t understand, right?  If your marijuana habit is something crucial, for medical reasons (or not), then finding the right partner might be a little difficult.  I mean, it may not be the best thing to put on your OKCupid profile that you’re a heavy smoker, right? hopes to bring potheads together and it needs funding to take its message on the road to get the word out.

According to its Indiegogo page, Founder and CEO Demond White, an Oaksterdam University grad, got the concept for came about by capitalizing on the current trend in online dating and new pot-tolerant policies, including legalized marijuana here in Washington and Colorado. Potheads and medical marijuana patients can get their smoke and love on with like-minded tokers.

The $50,000 goal is to enable the site’s promoters to hit a bunch of hemp and weed festivals all over from the Bay Area to Amsterdam via booths, purchase magazine ad space, and travel expenses.

Ah, the internet is a most glorious place!

Giant Squid Found Off Japan’s Coast Should Keep You Out of the Water

This giant squid found off the coast of Japan will keep your ass out of the water, Shark Week be damned…

I’m a huge fan of giant (insert animal here), except insects.  Fuck insects.  While I am totally stoked about this giant squid being found, I’m miffed that it’s dead, and concerned that something like that might try to eat me if I went swimming… Oh, that’s right!  I can’t swim.  Watch the astonishing video below:

Welp, that is an impressive amount of calamari, though. Mmmm… Calamari. I’m here for it!


Watch Jacqueline Bisset’s Painfully Awkward Golden Globes Speech

If you’re wondering why everybody is talking about Jacqueline Bisset this morning, here’s why.

A lot of actors and actresses claim they are in shock when they actually win whatever award they were nominated for, but Jacqueline Bisset was actually in shock (or drunk) as evidenced by this really painfully awkward, and weird, acceptance speech for winning Best Supporting Actress in a mini-series or TV movie (Dancing on the Edge)at the 2014 Golden Globes:

Would it have been so bad to say, “Thank you and good night?” Either way, she’s a vet so she gets a pass.

Must Be the Herb: Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground

Macaulay Culkin and some of his hipster homies sing a medley about pizza in a room full of pizza….

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone



What happened to my former childhood boo, Macaulay Culkin?  I used to be so in lurve with him at 9 years old.  Well, 23 long years have passed in that time and while I’m busy working off the pizza we had over the holidays, Culkin and his hipster homies are singing about it via their quirky new band, The Pizza Underground.  It’s a cover band that takes classics and changes the subject to pizza.

In their latest video, Culkin and ‘em can be seen in a room full of pizza slices hanging from string, beating on pizza boxes, and wearing the pizza… As a mask.  I’m not going to kid you.  Some people think this is clever, but I think it’s some of the most pretentious shit I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.   Check it out for yourself below:

Only thing going for it is the fact that it reminds me of trying to watch public access adult material as a teen. Good times.


7 Creepiest Scenes From Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food”

 Ark Music Factory, by way of Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food”, attempts to duplicate the infamy garnered by Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, unfortunately, it’s racist… and weird.

It’s hard to describe exactly what is wrong with Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” video.  Hailing from the people who brought you Rebecca Black’s weekend song that will live in internet infamy, Ark Music Factory, a young Gold extols the virtues of Chinese food in a video that has now gone viral.

If she her parents wanted attention, they got it.  The bad news is it’s not a good kind of attention.  Whoever is ultimately responsible for this kid’s image, dropped the ball, and subjected her to the scorn of the internet.  She can sing about Chinese food–or in this case Americanized Chinese food, because it’s not authentically Chinese–I think that’s great.  However, I’m mad at whoever thought it was a good idea to put this child’s image in line with racist, downright creepy imagery.

Who in their RIGHT mind would ever let their children play with an unknown adult in a creepy panda suit?  Who would admit a grown man in said suit to a girls’ slumber party?  And who the hell thought it was a good idea to use racist tropes in the video?  Here are the 7 creepiest scenes from Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food“:


Because pillow fights with grown men in a panda suit are awesome!

Creepy Pillow fight in Alison Gold's "Chinese Food"

“Pillow fights are more fun when you’re parents aren’t home and I’m the only adult male, amirite, girls?”

To say I was disgusted with this part of the video would be a huge understatement.  Like… For real?


“That’s Racist!”

Racist against Asians much?

If at this point you don’t get it, then I don’t know what to tell you.  Not only did the default rapper for Ark Music Factory and producer Patrice Wilson (aka Pato) give us the most horrible rap I’ve ever heard (Eli Porter is Tupac in comparison), he contorts his face and his speech to convey racist Asian stereotypes.  I. Cannot. With. This. Bullshit.

Wait, what?  China has geishas???

Alison Gold is a faux-geisha in Chinese Food

“Adults supposedly in charge of my well-being, this isn’t racist, is it?”

All I know is the adults failed this poor kid to have her name and image associated with the above.  Geishas are from Japan.  Who thought it would be a good idea to cross two cultures and countries just because they’re both Asian?  This scene was also very Lolita-esque… One of many more.  This was just one of the more racist scenes in the video.  They weren’t creepy, but they were very crappy.  Believe that…


“I make it rain these noo-dles/I make it rain…”

Make it rain, Chow Mein?

Who is she “making it rain” on, and is she familiar with the nature of that hand gesture?  I can assure you that you are not going to be paying Skrawberry or Tip Drill in Chow Mein…

I’m so hungry, I could vandalize stuff!

Is it ever that serious when you crave Chinese?

Yup, when I’m hungry I commit acts of vandalism all the time.  I mean, you don’t want to see me when I’m hungry.  I wild out, son!  And can we talk about the shitty Google Translate Spanish at the bottom?  Hire a Translator folks.

Because this isn’t inappropriate or anything…

Totally creepy tickling scene from "Chinese Food" video

I have nothing.  I am speechless.

WATCH: White Guy Twerks Like a Boss in Hilarious GloZell Video

GloZell’s “Cinnamon Twerk” video features a bit of brownface, and some obsessive twerking.  Thank you, internet gawds!

So I’m watching that funny TEDx Drexel video on YouTube when this “Cinnamon Twerk” video by a YouTuber named GloZell Green comes up in suggested videos.  They had me at twerk.  I head on over and was greeted by mass fuckery.  I then went on to laugh my ass off.  Oh, this video is very wrong… So wrong, it’s good!  

And that folks, is what I call proper Sunday fuckery!  Huzzah!