The Fun Times Podcast is Back!

Metroplex calls for energon in our podcast

We took a bit of a hiatus but we will be back on the air TODAY at 2 pm PST but we are back for our Fun Times Podcast, where we talk about geekery, nerdery, and some pop culture.

Listen as we do a quick run down of our time at Comic-Con 2012 last weekend, our tips for hopefuls who want to go next year and go over all the awesome swag we scored while there.  COMICS AND MO’ COMICS!!!!  Plus, we talked Batman and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, “Gangnam Style” ,and listen to Metroplex call Bahama Breeze to inquire about his order of Energon.

Yes, Metroplex literally called Red Robin and Bahama Breeze. For energon.

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Metroplex calls for energon in our podcast


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