Epic Steampunk George Washington From Steam Patriots Series

George Washington in Steam Patriots

What if the American Revolution had been fought with tanks powered by steam?  What if their were airships and other such dirigibles?  All these questions are answered in the upcoming Steam Patriots series.  Check out Steampunk George Washington and an Eagle/Octopus hybrid after the jump!

Steam Patriots first came to my attention via Twitter (@SteamPatriots) and I’ve been captivated by the idea and the upcoming series ever since.  Steam Patriots was actually written by two Coast Guard servicemen so there should be an extra layer of credibility as far as some of the military and strategic interactions in Steam Patriots.  Check out some of this art, though!

“George Washington and Airships” by Patrick Arrasmith
George Washington in Steam Patriots

“Eaglepus” by Patrick Arrasmith
Eagletopus from Steam Patriots

Here’s the synopsis:

The series takes place in 1776 at the start of the American Revolutionary War and features, among other famous patriots, George Washington, General at War, Benedict Arnold, double agent, and Benjamin Franklin, a man who has fundamentally altered society with his fantastic steam-powered inventions.

STEAM PATRIOTS chronicles the adventures of Felix, a young man with an unusual gift: a photographic memory. Follow Felix through this alternative universe as he serves General Washington and apprentices to Benjamin Franklin in a American Revolution that is both familiar and alien. With huge steam-powered tanks, and other devices the Founding Father’s never imagined, Felix travels across the Colonies and through Europe in a clever, action-packed, and often funny bid to win America’s freedom.

Steam Patriots will be released as a series of novellas digitally and via hard copy books later on this year.

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