Comic-Con: The Top Four Hottest Cosplay Girls at SDCC 2012

Wonder Woman Cosplay at Comic-con 2012
There were plenty of awesome looking cosplay girls on the floor, so it was really hard to decide.  With that said, we had to narrow it down to four of the top looks we spotted in our inaugural trip to San Diego Comic-Con!Hopefully next year, I’ll get my sh*t together and actually have my costume ready in time to make my own damn list.  By the way, if anyone can identify the ladies in pink and white and crimson and silver, please holler at us in comments or Twitter.  We are unfamiliar.  I’m very picky when it comes to my comic book heroines, so I don’t know them all.

Wonder Woman Cosplay at Comic-con 2012

Hot Cosplay Girl at Comic-Con 2012

Another fine looking cosplay girl at Comic-Con 2012

The two best looking Slave Leias at Comic-Con 2012

It’s not that everyone else looked bad.  These ladies just stood out above the rest!  I’m already planning as going as Miranda Mercury next year, so watch out chicks!

What do you think?  Were these ladies epic or fail in the cosplay department?  Tell us what you think!