HIT AND RUN Red Band Trailer: Grandma Swingers and Prison Rape

Dax Shepard's 'Hit and Run' trailer
I cannot stress enough that there is some really screwed up crap going on in this red band trailer for ‘Hit and Run’. I mean, within the first minute your eyes will ask YOU what the hell just happened. This is SO very NSFW.

Dax Shepard plays a former thief who is trying to get his life together with his fiancee, (Kristen Bell), when an old associate (Bradley Cooper) and his female enforcer/ride-or-die chick (Joy Bryant) come for him. Bradley Cooper’s character is angry that he had to take the rap and do a bid in prison where he was, err, “attacked” by a Filipino inmate. Yeah, I’ll let you watch the trailer:

Tom Arnold and Kristin Chenoweth also star. What’s interesting is that Shepard wrote and helped produce this movie. Bell is his real life girl.

I wanted this to be funny, but it fell flat for me. I think they fixated a lot on the prison situation and in the process may have dropped the ball on the joke. Maybe another trailer will help, but from this one, ‘Hit and Run‘ aims to hit and misses instead.

via Deadline