Hasbro Announces S.H.I.E.L.D. Carrier Exclusive For Comic-Con


Hasbro has listed numerous San Diego Comic-Con exclusives so far and they are looking amazing. New to the listing is the S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier which is four feet long at a list price of $130.00, be sure to get yours before they run out as I am sure there will be only a limited number for the show. Looking at it, it looks cool, but it does not look big enough to land any jets on and only looks as if it would hold a couple of action figures on deck. The weapons systems look to be the best part of the toy. I wish Hasbro would bring back the air craft carrier for G.I. Joe from the 1980’s. That was the toy I always wanted but never got because it was so big and cost so much back then. Check it out will you be picking this exclusive up or is it a no!! Let me know what you think.


Now here’s the G.I. Joe carrier from back in the day when I think Hasbro knew how to make toys. Which do you think is cooler?? Let me know.

gi joe carrier

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