Get Tom Hiddleston’s Face Between Your Legs With Loki Panties!

No, seriously!  You’re not being Loki’d, Hiddlestoners (or boyfriends to Hiddlestoners).  You have to check out these Loki panties for yourself or your girl to wear (so long as you don’t mind Tom Hiddleston’s face staring back at you).  Oh, internetz!  You are such a whimsical place!

Loki Panties


Awesome, right?  I wonder if Hiddles will be at Comic-Con because the Loki Army will represent big time!  Can you just see it now?

“Tom, can I have your autograph?” *pulls down pants to show panties*

You can get all three for $30 via Kaylee Sauvey on Etsy.  If you’re more into Iron Man and Thor, you can get some with Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. on them (yes, their faces too).


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