Trailer: SINISTER Starring Ethan Hawke Will Scare You!


Get ready for what looks like the year’s creepiest film: ‘Sinister‘ starring Ethan Hawke!  Check the trailer after the jump!

Basically, the film is somewhat cliche in the way it goes. You know the deal, nice family tries to start fresh in a new house and boom! Somebody call the Ghostbusters. What I like about this movie is that it looks pretty clear that there will be no happy ending. I mean, how could there be? It also reminds me of ‘The Woman in Black‘ with all the dead kids. Somewhat cliche but I think audiences will enjoy it.

Ethan Hawke is crime novelist who moves into this house where the previous family died. They are also the focus of his new book. He opens a box and there are tons of old film reels in there and, naturally, he opens it, plays it and all hell breaks loose. Check it out!