Check Out ‘Sony’ Playstation’s Move Racing Wheel Demo

Sony has released a video showing off the new Move racing wheel for the Playstation 3. The racing wheel uses the move controller to become a precise controller. It also includes motorcycle twist grips. Sony is looking to create the ultimate racing controller.

Here is the Sony release info on the move racing wheel:

Feel the adrenaline of high-speed racing as you jump into the driver’s seat with the PlayStation®Move Racing Wheel*. Its unique design features realistic folding motorcycle handlebar grips complete with twist throttle controls, lightning fast paddle shifters to gear-up and speed away, and enhanced vibration feedback so you feel the impact as you trade paint with your competition. Take advantage of the intuitive controls and superior handling to pull off advanced maneuver like drifting as you weave your way through the pack. Take the checkered flag with the PlayStation®Move Racing Wheel and get the most immersive racing experience on the PS3™ system.

Key Features:
-Folding handlebars allow for multiple racing modes
-Realistic racing controls with paddle shifters and motorcycle-style throttle
-Intense vibration feedback in each grip
-Precise motion tracking for ultimate handling
-Easy access to key buttons