Cartoon Network Cancels ‘Thundercats’

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Nerdist is reporting that Cartoon Network has indeed cancelled its reboot of the ‘Thundercats’.  More details after the jump!

The adventure-based series managed to get two seasons under its belt before the axe fell; The adventures of Lion-O and company was not on Cartoon Network’s list of returning shows in a recent press announcement. The show played closer in tone to Avatar: The Last Airbender than the campiness of the original, which was a point of contention for many diehard fans.

Well, I’m not really surprised either.  I was a die-hard fan of the original (Mumm-ra is still my dude) and quite frankly, I was out after the first episode.  I mean, it was cool but it was missing that fire that made the original so good.  Campy or not. I think the ‘Thundercats’ have a good shot at making it one day, it will take some good writers and some open minds.  We simply can’t expect to have a movie without some changes, unfortunately.

Are you sad to see the ‘Thundercats’ go?  Should someone else reboot it?



  1. For the first few years of Cartoon Network’s existence, programming meant for Cartoon Network would also be simulcast on TBS and/or TNT in order to increase the shows’ (and Cartoon Network’s) exposure; examples include The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Planet, and 2 Stupid Dogs..

  2. I really liked the show and yes it was diff from the original but me growing up in the 80’s watching didn’t bother me so much I actually thought the new show was good and wanted to see new episodes I even email Cartoon Network about it to bring the show back I still wanted to see Bengali and also some new thundercats which I have an ideal for some they could have came up with cuz they are so many diff types of cats in the world I do hope they bring it back n if they can’t maybe the hub or nick or some other Cartoon Network can bring it back here’s hoping

    • Yeah! I think it would be good on the Hub or maybe DisneyXD. Until then we always have the ones from the Eighties! I even heard that they were going to bring it back but canceled it again.

  3. I actually really liked this version of the Thundercats. No it wasn’t the exact same as the original, it had more of an anime feel with very well animated action scenes. Excellent voice acting as well, especially in an era when most kids cartoons treat the child like they are stupid, this one however was a well written adventure that even an adult can appreciate. I hope it is brought back, or that this is perhaps unofficial because I think it deserves another season. If not another season then one hell of a feature length closure to the series. 1980’s G.I.JOE style.

  4. This was a poor decision and the problem that most franchises face when trying to update a product. There are just some people who can’t learn to move on from the pas and look at things with a new perspective. I for one loved the new series and am a huge fan of the original. Hell I still have th original action figures on the shelf next to my silverhawks. I just wish people would look at the fact that great characters were brought backfrom the dead for a new generation to experience with the old

  5. I’m holding out hope until someone gets an official source on this.

    The writers have written out scripts for 52 episodes, and only 26 episodes have aired.

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