New John Carter Clip: First 10 Minutes Online.


A New 10 minute clip of John Carter was released today. Check it out!

So I love when studios release clips from the movie. The first 10 minutes of John Carter make the movie look promising. Until watching the clip, I really wasn’t into the movie, but it changed my mind. The clip starts out with a man on horseback riding towards what appears to be an outpost. After a few words and a little skirmish, he winds up in the hands of Union soldiers. After numerous escape attempts while being questioned, they finally throw him in a cell. Of course he escapes and is chased which ends up into a stand off with some Apache and the soldiers. After rescuing the Colonel, he makes his way to a cave to hide, being found by the Apaches. The Apaches look into the sky and quickly retreat. John Carter walks out and looks into the sky and the clip is over.